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Rural Development NGO of India - 01JNGH11

- 01JNGH11 -
Rural Development NGO of India

[-1-] Registration code 01JNGH11 @ The Global NGO Registry

[-2-] Major Sectors in which funded projects have been handled in last couple of years:

1.               Primary & Secondary School Education
2.               Healthcare and Sanitation Program
3.               Micro-finance and SHG formation
4.               Disability and Orphanage Homes Management
5.               Drinking Water and Watershed Development
6.               Rural Employability Trainings etc. 

[-3-] Overall percentage of Projects / Funds provided by local Gov in last couple of years: 35 to 50 percent

[-4-] Approx foreign funds RECEIVED annually in last couple of years: 450, 00,000 INR

[-5-] Approx domestic grant-in-aid RECEIVED annually in last couple of years: 20,000,000 INR

[-6-] Major foreign donor countries: United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Netherlands

[-7-] Av. Balance Sheet Figures in last couple of years: 110,000,000 INR

[-8-] Tax Exempt Status and Income Tax Registration:  Since, 1975

[-9-] Foreign Contribution Registration Status:   Since, 1985

[-0-] Approx no. of full-time paid Staffs and Sex Ratio: 300 / 70:30

[-1-] Employer's Registration - Since, 2002

[-2-] Affiliation and networking with other organizations and Gov: Local, Regional and National Level.

[-3-] Communication Infrastructure and Responsiveness in Percentage: Very Good, 70 Percent

[-4-] Authorized Rep & Official Consultant – NGO Dept., Ozg Consulting Private Limited

[-5-] Focus Areas & Keywords of India's Rural Development NGO:
Rural Healthcare Projects, Education, Rural Development Projects, Livelihood Promotion Projects, Disability Management Projects, Urban Sanitation Projects, Drinking Water Projects, Irrigation and Watershed Development Projects , Employment Training Program, Micro-credit and Rural Banking Program, Women Self-help Group (SHG) formation Projects, Rural Agriculture Loans facilitations, Foreign Volunteers facilitation

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