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How to access details of the Registered NGOs?

Info for Donor / Grant Maker / Funding Agencies etc:
Search this website using the exact keywords for your requirement and thereafter please, eMail to: along with complete details of your organization and registration code of matching NGOs [optional].

Info for NGOs / Nonprofits / Social-business –
If your NGO has successfully completed the registration into The Global NGO registry, then you will be provided a unique REGISTRATION CODE [please, do not make your registration code public either on your website or into any printed publications etc, if you attempted to do so, then Ozg will remove your NGO’s data from the global NGO registry].

Here, you can trace out the brief details of NGOs by searching registration code or keywords into search box. The name, location and other confidential details of any NGO will not appear in search-result, it is reserved for private access only.

NOTE:  At this website your  IP address and other technical details has been recorded by Ozg system for security and internal verification purpose.

– Email for NGO Registration –

– General Office Email –

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